Welcome to Lazada Sponsored Solutions SMART Certification (Beginner)

What does gaining your LSS SMART certification (Beginner) mean?

  • You have a basic understanding of how Sponsored Discovery, Sponsored Affiliate, and Sponsored Display work.
  • You can provide basic support in setting up and managing Sponsored Discovery, Sponsored Affiliate, and Sponsored Display campaigns.

How long does it take to complete the LSS SMART certification (Beginner) exam? 

  • The certification exam takes about 20-30 mins to complete.

Note: Please attempt the LSS SMART Certification Exam (Beginner) only after you have completed all the modules in Beginner level: 

1. Introduction to Lazada Sponsored Solutions (Beginner)
2. Sponsored Discovery (Beginner)
3. Sponsored Affiliate (Beginner)
4. Sponsored Display (Beginner)

What is the passing criteria for the Certification Exam? 

  • The passing grade is scoring at least 85%. There are a total of 40 single-choice and multiple-choice questions.

  • Each question answered correctly will give you a score of 2.5 (note: 100/40 = 2.5). 

  • For multiple-choice questions, you will need to give all of the correct answers to get the score. 

  • You can always return to this page to re-attempt the exam (unlimited attempts).  

  • The certification is valid for one year from the date an individual certifies. After this period, to renew your certification status, you must retake and pass the assessment.