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Become a Lazada Sponsored Solutions Preferred Partner

Lazada Sponsored Solutions Preferred Partners have exclusive access to a wide range of benefits, including exclusive rewards, trainings and certification programs, priority access to solutions, networking opportunities, and other agency management support.

With our community of solution specialists, you can be assured of technical and service excellence, enabling your business to grow and thrive.

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Program Benefits


Credibility & Recognition

Get discovered by advertisers searching for companies like yours and showcase your expertise in Lazada Sponsored Solutions, stand out from competitors, and gain recognition with Preferred Partner Badge.


Education & Insights

Access to our educational resources & certification program to further develop your expertise & stay up to date on Lazada Sponsored Solutions news, success stories, and e-commerce shoppers' insights.

Priority Access & Support

Priority Access & Support

Connect to our expert agents for assistance in smoothly and effectively using Lazada Sponsored Solutions products & gain priority access to our beta solutions.

Exclusive Reward

Exclusive Reward

Uplift your portfolio with our partner's incentivized package to reach new prospective clients and better manage your account relationship.

Detailed Preferred Partner Benefits & Entitlement

Preferred PartnerPreferred
Credibility iconCredibility & Recognition
Prominent Placement & Directory

Increase your chances of being discovered by advertisers who are searching for companies similar to yours by listing your business on the Lazada Partners directory across various platforms.

Priority feature in Preferred Partner directory on Lazada Sponsored Solutions website  
Priority feature in Lazada Service Marketplace    
Priority feature in Lazada Forums and Seller Events    
Free Promotional Banners on the website & the app, targeting sellers ✓ ✓
Preferred Partner Badge

By displaying the Preferred Partner badge, you can showcase your up-to-date knowledge and proficiency in Lazada Sponsored Solutions, thereby setting yourself apart from competitors and gaining recognition from both clients and the industry.

Official usage of Preferred Partner Badge with detailed badge guidelines ✓
Education iconEducation & Insights
Education & Certification

On the Lazada Sponsored Solutions website, you can acquire product knowledge, access to valuable education resources and obtain certifications to further develop your expertise.

Access to Lazada Sponsored Solutions education & certification program ✓ ✓
Industry and eCommerce Shopper Insights

Gain access to industry & eCommerce shopper insights that can guide your business decisions and facilitate meaningful discussions with clients, thus unlocking new strategic opportunities.

Access to Consumer Insight reports and Industry/ Category insight articles ✓ ✓
Product Updates

Regular updates on the website provide access to the latest information on Lazada Sponsored Solutions, helping to improve your product knowledge.

Regular product updates ✓ ✓
Priority iconPriority Access & Support
Operational Support

Prioritized & dedicated strategic, sale & technical support.

Direct Access to Lazada Marketing Solutions Partner Manager ✓
Account & Technical Support ✓
Priority Access

First access to Product Betas.

First Access to Beta Products ✓
Access to API ✓
First access to Lazada Sponsored Solutions Keynote Events ✓
Rewards iconExclusive Rewards
Credits & Incentives

Earn rebates & incentives by achieving pre-established LSS spend targets

Sponsored Discovery Credits based on total Lazada Sponsored Solutions Spending ✓

Value of the badge

By earning the Lazada Sponsored Solutions Partner badge, you can demonstrate your proficiency in Lazada Sponsored Solutions to clients and distinguish yourself in the industry.

Partner Badge (large)

Overview of the Program criteria

The criteria we have created aim to assist you in enhancing your clients' performance and showcasing your expertise, thereby promoting growth through Lazada Sponsored Solutions.

Demonstrate your expertise
Drive client growth
Preferred Partner qualifications A demonstrated competence in our tools, as evidenced by a minimum of 50% of their team members who manage Sponsored Solutions passing our Lazada Sponsored Solutions Beginner certification. A baseline level of spending on Sponsored Discovery, Sponsored Affiliate, and New Product Launcher from their LSS-managed accounts.
Incentive criteria A demonstrated competence in our tools, as evidenced by a minimum of 80% of their team members who manage Sponsored Solutions passing our Lazada Sponsored Solutions Beginner & all modules of Advanced certification that are launched within 6-month program period. Achieve spends target per quarter on Sponsored Discovery, Sponsored Affiliate, and New Product Launcher from their LSS-managed accounts.
  Get certified now!  

Please contact your local Lazada Marketing Solutions teams or drop us a message: for further information about the program

Lazada Sponsored Solutions List of Preferred Partners

Our aim is to establish a flourishing network of partners with diverse specializations. Click to connect with the ideal partner for your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of becoming a preferred partner?
  • Credibility & recognition
  • Education & insights
  • Priority access & support
  • Exclusive reward

Please refer to the Detailed Preferred Partner Benefits & Entitlement.

What are the eligibility requirements to become a preferred partner?
  • Fulfil competency criteria
  • Deliver baseline level of spending on Lazada Sponsored Solutions

Please refer to the Detailed Program Criteria.

How do I apply to become a preferred partner?
What kind of support and resources will I receive as a preferred partner?
  • Our Lazada Marketing Solutions team will provide trainings resources and technical support
  • Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed and will work closely with you to ensure you have everything you need to grow your business
What kind of incentives or rewards are available for preferred partners?
  • We offer a range of incentives and rewards to partner agencies, including bonuses for achieving certain targets, access to exclusive events and opportunities, and more
  • Our team will work with you to develop a customized incentive plan that meets your needs and goals.