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What is Sponsored Display?

Sponsored Display helps you to maximize awareness for your brand through premium Lazada App placements and drive engagement to your Lazada landing page - store, product details page (PDP) or campaign page.

Why Sponsored Display?

With Sponsored Display, you can:

Achieve Impressions: Premium Lazada App placements in high-traffic locations.

Drive store & Promotion awareness: Capture high-intent users as soon as they open the Lazada App.

• Customize creative & messaging: To deliver the most relevant brand/ product communication to the audience.


Objective: For mass-targeted campaigns to drive maximum impressions & share of voice.

How does it work?

  • Book a slot for the entire day or specific time slots, reaching all Lazada users who land on the homepage.
  • Get additional visibility in various bundled placements including LazMall homepage banners, and CRM such as Push Notifications and Social Media Posts.

For more details about our rate card, please let the Marketing Solutions team know your campaign objective, the market, your desired visibility.


Objective: For highly targeted campaigns with smaller budgets or longer campaign duration.

How does it work?

  • Book in increments of 1,000 impressions, with automatic pausing once target impressions are reached.
  • Target specific segments of users, such as age group, gender, interests, and store visit history.

There is a minimum reservation budget amount which will show under the 'reservation budget' box after you fill-up the budget. It varies by country. The CPM rate card may also vary from time to time. We encourage you to inquire with your Local Marketing Solutions (MS) Partner/Commercial Key Account Manager (KAM) about the packages beforehand.

What are Sponsored Display placements?

In general, there are four buckets of Placement Inventory

  1. In-App Inventory (i.e. within the Lazada App/Website)
  2. Social Inventory
  3. CRM Inventory (Customer Relationship Management)
  4. Others

Find out more about Sponsored Display in our Sponsored Display course or in the Study Guide:

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