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What is Sponsored Affiliate?

Sponsored Affiliate helps you to drive sales at a guaranteed ROI by tapping into Lazada’s extensive affiliate partners' network with millions of potential shoppers.

Why Sponsored Affiliate?

With Sponsored Affiliate you can capture off-platform shoppers:

• Extensive affiliate network of media partners & KOLs: Tap into Lazada’s extensive network of more than 77,000 engaged affiliate media partners and more than 68,000 live KOL partners.

• Guaranteed ROI of up to 5 - 25X: Pay for a commission only for successful conversions with cost-per-sale pricing.

• Intelligent fraud detection: Pay only for real conversions, with our in-built intelligent fraud detection technology and thorough screening of affiliates.

Where might Sponsored Affiliate promotions appear?

Find out more about Sponsored Affiliate in our Sponsored Affiliate course or in the Study Guide:

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