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L'Oréal Paris has been running successful Sponsored Discovery campaigns with good results in their Lazada Indonesia store, and wanted to further scale up without risking any potential decline in ROI or Conversion Rates.


Lazada and L'Oréal Paris jointly reviewed and refined the way Sponsored Discovery is ran, focusing on areas such as:

  • Revamping the overall structure by creating dedicated campaigns for product categories that are performing the best (eg. Hair Care & Skin Care), as well as strategic priority categories.
  • Budget planning based on category priorities and ROI performance
  • Conduct training on how to optimize bids & keywords from Teasing to D-Day in order to drive higher SOV

The initiative was applied consistently to 3 consecutive Mega Campaigns, capturing & applying learnings to further refine the budget allocation and bidding strategies for the categories with highest growth.


"This project has propelled Sponsored Discovery to new heights: up to 321% increase in spending and yet we still improved our ROAS by 25%. We closed Q4 21 e-commerce festivities with stellar onsite media results."

Alfan Rezani, Division Digital Manager, L'Oréal Paris, Indonesia

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