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Key Objective

A global beauty brand wanted to enhance the overall visibility and conversion rate for their Sponsored Discovery campaigns in Vietnam.

They adopted the First Search Slot feature to maximize the chance of appearing as the first and foremost listing whenever shoppers entered relevant keywords.

The ultimate goal was to drive better conversions, ROI, and clicks against their existing campaigns.


The brand placed an overbid for First Search Slots in all of their Sponsored Discovery campaigns.

  • As a first step, a handful of priority SKUs were selected for placement in First Search Slot
  • The brand then placed an overbid for the above SKUs using the FSS Overbid feature in the LSC portal
  • The overbid price was closely monitored and adjusted throughout the campaign duration to remain competitive against competitors


All the campaigns that won First Search Slot showed favourable results and helped the beauty brand achieve their campaign goals.

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