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“Transforming Southeast Asia – From Discovery to Delivery” is an eCommerce shopper behaviour report brought to you by Lazada in partnership with Synagie and GroupM. The ultimate goal of this report is to provide insights into how eCommerce is driving transformation in Southeast Asia, specifically in terms of the shopper journey from product search to product delivery.

In this report, Lazada aims to help business leaders delve deeper into the behaviours of shoppers along their paths to purchase. The report concludes with key actions that you can take to transform their businesses.

Southeast Asia’s transition from an offline to an online economy has outpaced earlier projections, with the number of digital commerce users in Southeast Asia expected to reach more than 400 million by 2025. The post-pandemic era is bringing about new patterns in the way consumers discover and buy products.

According to the report, 57% of Southeast Asian shoppers search for products directly from eCommerce marketplaces while 94% purchased the products they found from using the search function. In addition, 71% of shoppers purchased products as a result of Lazada’s ‘Recommendations’ function. These figures highlight search recommendations as a key enabler in aiding eCommerce shoppers to make purchase decisions.

Published in partnership with eCommerce enabler Synagie and media investment company GroupM, the report provides insights into the region’s eCommerce landscape, specifically in terms of key drivers throughout customers’ full shopping journeys, from product discovery to product delivery. The report covers five main content pillars, including the evolution of eCommerce, the product discovery disruption, the shopper journey from click to cart to checkout, the transformation of delivery and recommended actions to drive eCommerce business transformation.

The report also goes into detail about the motivations that drive every step in shoppers’ paths to purchase and covers topics ranging from the top considerations behind specific shopper actions to the importance of product detail pages and tips for excellent store operations. In a section dedicated to the delivery process, the report also looks at shoppers’ growing expectations toward eCommerce logistics, highlighting the growing demand for fast and free shipping services

The report concludes with a section of recommended actions designed to help businesses drive their eCommerce transformation. It also introduces resources and solutions that brands and sellers can leverage on Lazada, including Lazada Sponsored Solutions – a full suite of solutions that helps drive traffic and sales along the shopper’s path to purchase – as well as best practices to maintain excellent online store operations and advice for choosing the right logistics options for every business.

“At a time of continued eCommerce growth, it has become more important than ever for brands and sellers to fully grasp the attitudes and habits of those who shop online. Developed from our insights, the report covers strategies and solutions businesses can employ to enhance brand-shopper engagement throughout the purchase journey. We hope that this will be a useful resource for brands and sellers to accelerate their growth,” said Chandana Sunder, senior vice president of LazMall Marketing Solutions at Lazada Group.

Findings from the report were mostly based on a survey of 38,138 eCommerce users across genders, age groups and household income levels in six Southeast Asian countries, namely Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Data from other quantitative surveys and credible external sources were also used to provide an informative and holistic illustration of the transformative impact of eCommerce in the region.

Download the full “Transforming Southeast Asia – From Discovery to Delivery” report here and explore country-specific insights: