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As part of the 3.3 Double Digit Campaign, L'Oréal Paris initiated a series of external traffic campaigns to drive shoppers from Facebook and Instagram to their Lazada Thailand store.

They wanted to drive better quality of traffic to the store, ie. shoppers with clear purchase intents, in order to drive enhanced ROI and conversion rates compared to their existing external traffic campaigns.


L'Oréal Paris looked towards Sponsored Media, a newly launched external traffic solution offered within the Lazada Seller Centre dashboard.

By using this solution, they were able to easily set up and run both Prospecting and Retargeting campaigns towards Lazada shoppers on Facebook and Instagram.


With Sponsored Media, L'Oréal Paris was able to capture shoppers with higher purchase intent. As a result, they were able to achieve a higher ROAS and conversion rate compared to traditional external traffic campaigns.

"Campaign took me less than five minutes to have it set up, delivering super impressive performance on both ROAS and impressions. I eagerly anticipate the development of this solution."

Tipnapa Damrongvatanapokin, Performance Marketing Manager, L’Oréal Paris

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