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Sponsored Affiliate is a solution that is widely utilized across LazMall brands during key campaign periods, due to its low-touch setup and high ROI performance.

Brand A wanted to take things a step further, aiming to refine the campaign reach by activating just the affiliates in relevant sectors (eg. KOL, Telcos and Content Creators). They also wanted to ensure tighter control over the campaign budgets to rule out any possibility of overspends.


Brand A utilized Premium Affiliate, which allowed them to promote their store and offerings with a smaller pool of high-performance affiliates in specific sectors.

For better budget control, Brand A took a tiered approach towards commission rates - they implemented a lower commission rate for overall storewide SKUs, while Hero SKUs got an additional layer of higher commission.

Additionally, vouchers and commercial deals were added to Hero SKUs to further boost conversion.


Brand A achieved a highly controlled, yet high-ROI campaign without compromising on the campaign scale (GMV, clicks etc).

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